Our Buyer’s Guarantee


We are committed to helping find the perfect property for you! We offer the best service in the industry – you can expect extensive market knowledge, proven real estate marketing savvy and strong negotiation skills with the Briggs On Homes Group. We offer a full service program that may include some of the Marketing Services listed below to develop a customized program that reflects your personal needs.

• Buyer Counselling Session

• Buyer Agency Alternatives

• Financial Pre-Qualification

• Property Showing

• Property Inspections

• Negotiation Strategies

• After-sale Service

& a whole lot more!


We are committed to helping you acquire the property that is right for you. When we become your partner for finding you the right property, you gain the advantage of a full time, professional Realtor with a vast career background in sales & marketing, plus lots of real estate experience.

Get Every Listing

New homes for sale hit the real estate market daily. We are in regular contact with sellers and other real estate agents and often see the newest listings right away, before they're made public. By working with us, we will ensure that you get all the newest listings directly to your inbox right away. We will save you valuable time by making sure you only see properties that meet your needs and investment preferences.

Get Insider Info

We will provide you with important information about the home, its neighborhood, zoning issues, utilities, and nearby plans for development. We will review with you all inspection reports and other documents pertaining to the condition of the property, and answer all questions regarding physical defects of the property which are known to us.

Get a Professional on Your Side

Real estate transactions include an extensive negotiating process. We will represent you and get you the best deal possible. We attend property inspections, make sure any and all agreed-upon repair work is carried out, and will handle the paperwork related to the sale. We can also refer you to other professionals as needed to provide you with a seamless service package.

Get the Best Deal

Working with a dedicated agent on your home purchase will save you time and add professional assurance to every step of the process. We will monitor and inform you of the progress of the purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all subjects and conditions during the entire transaction. We will contact you after the closing to follow up and will provide you with a confidential opportunity to give an evaluation of our services.

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